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Jun 16, 2018

Responses From People Who Want To Believe

Scientists don’t know everything.

But they seem to trust scientists for everything else, including putting their lives at risk every time they go to the doctor or getting on a plane.

You can’t prove it doesn’t exist/it’s not real.

Yet they don’t believe in invisible dragons, Harry Potter, or when I tell them I’m actually an alien god that came from another galaxy, even when they can't prove those things aren't real either.

You are close minded.

But they don’t seem to be particularly open minded when it comes to accepting their beliefs don't add up or have been debunked time after time or that have no evidence whatsoever or have simpler and more mundane explanations (e.i. placebo effect).

Everything is a world wide conspiracy/governments and corporations wants to kill them, make them sick and take their money. 

But they live regular happy lives full of luxuries (compared to the rest of the world), supporting all the evil companies that feed them, clothe them and keep them medicated, with the best health and longest life expectancy that humans have ever enjoyed since the arrival of Homo Sapiens.

I try to plant the seed of reason in them, but I know it will be nearly impossible for anyone to let go of their beliefs. I used to have faith, and I know when you have it, you think it's an essential part of who you are, so thinking about getting rid of your faith is like thinking about getting rid of an arm. So I just let them know that it doesn’t matter, that I don’t care about what they believe in, that I like them because I think they are cool people, and that's all it matters. It's a little strange and disappointing, however, after having these types of conversations, when they stop responding my texts or are suddenly too busy to hang out for the next few years.