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Feb 21, 2017

The Diamond In The Box & The "F" Word

A guy was holding a strange box that his uncle gave him long ago before he passed away. He said there was a huge diamond inside, but that no one knew how to open the box. I asked him if he had seen this diamond, and he said he hadn't, but he was certain there was a diamond inside because his uncle told him there was, and his uncle was a good honest man. Allegedly, it was a present that a noble king gave his family long ago as a sign of appreciation or something. He even had a copy of a certificate signed by this king that mentions the diamond in the box. I asked him if his uncle met this king, and he said he didn't, that no one from his family that he's talked to have, but that they all knew about the huge diamond in the box. 

A few years later, the man accidentally dropped the box and to his surprise, the box opened. But there was no diamond inside, only a piece of crumbled paper. It looked like something done by toddlers in kindergarten that was thrown away, rubbish, basically. However, the man now believes the piece of paper is part of a map, a treasure map of some sorts, that will lead him to the huge diamond the noble king gave his family. "Noble kings don't lie, they keep their words. He just wanted us to work for it a little, that's all", said the man with the box, before continuing his search for the rest pieces of the "map".

This is what that paper looks like. 

It doesn't look like a map to me, but hey, if it makes him happy…

Oh, yes! I almost forgot, that weird box had a name, it was called Faith. 

Here's another interesting fact: there's another family that knows about this box, but they say that it was actually a gift from a nice old lady that used to live next to the family with the box, not a noble king, and that there was a golden ring inside the box, not a huge diamond. They even have a copy of a different certificate signed by the old lady where the golden ring inside the box is mentioned. They also say that the paper is actually part of a beautiful post-modern painting of a golden ring. Crazy, huh? 

It makes me wonder if this box wasn't a present from anyone, but something the ancestors of this family made to give to their kids along with a cute little story so they could let their imagination run wild. That would be pretty fun! And it also makes more sense. To me, at least.

What do you see? A map, a painting, or strong desire to see something that is not there?

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