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Sep 11, 2013

Divine Gratefulness

For the most part of the day, I've been thinking about all this gratitude we humans give to the invisible person in the sky. Now, I'm not a believer, or rather, I believe in what's verifiable only. If there was a way to verify there's a god, then I would believe in it, no doubt. I mention this because I'm going to attempt writing this blog not as a non-believer, but as someone thinking rationally, although, I wouldn't take my words too seriously, take them more as pure logical entertainment. What I mean is, you can stop constricting your anal sphincter muscle now and relax.

You've heard it many times in every awards show, "first and foremost, I'd like to thank god, blah, blah, blah". God usually takes the first and most important "thanks", that's quite a bit of a credit. But the dude (or dudette) didn't write the music or worked on the film or anything. Awards shows aren't the only times god gets big thanks, he gets thanks for everything, literally. It's almost like everything going on around us was a direct consequence of god's own absolute decisions. He gets thanks for the food we eat, the money we make, the friends we have, the girlfriend we met, the tests we passed and the college degrees we obtained, and for health recoveries, jobs, peace, children, lottery wins, etc, etc. That's all fine and dandy... well, not all, in some cases it bothers me a little when he gets the big thanks and praises, and the people who actually did all the work are not even mentioned. I usually see this following the successful recovery from a major health issues. I think that if I was a doctor, I would resent god a little.

Since I'm not a believer, I imagine my lack of good manners could make me look like an ungrateful bastard to some people (even though the same people would never thank me if they thought the post I made on Facebook was interesting or made them smile, ha!). But it's not my fault, if there's a god, an almighty infinitely powerful god, then it should be very easy for it to make its existence absolutely clear. Instead, it decided to make it as confusing as possible, which has resulted in a number of really serious problems for humanity over the centuries.  But that's another issue. Anyway, I get the impression people think god is responsible of everything that happens to them and everyone else, and if this is the case, and people thank him so much for all the blessings, why does he never get bitched out for the crap that happens to them too? Is it because if you piss him off he can kill you with a lightning bolt by just snapping his fingers? I don't see anyone bitching at god for the hurricanes, tornadoes, terrorism, murder rape, wars, illness, scams, Miley Cyrus, etc, etc, etc. How come? The only ones bitching are the Westboredom Baptist crazies, and they are not even bitching, they are just saying that god is pissed off about the gays. If god is responsible of everything good in your life, then god must be responsible for all the crap too, right? I mean, if you win a Grammy and you thank god, then why don't you tell god to fuck off if you get chronic diarrhea? Makes no sense to me.

Assuming there's a god, there are two possible scenarios:

1. God doesn't get involved in humans' lives as much as people think. He minds his/her own business, and mostly observes us from his atemporal mega-huge flat screen TV. And perhaps intervenes, but very rarely, and in very specific situations, which have to be pretty fucked up, given he didn't do shit when his son was being bullied by the Romans,


2. God is an asshole, and we're some sort of Sims that has kept him/her entertained after eternity became too boring. So he comes up with all these creative ideas just to see what the fuck we're going to do.

If I was a believer (I actually used to be), I'd say it's number 1, obviously. That "3." you're thinking of, the option where god is responsible for all the good stuff, and "works in mysterious ways" for the bad stuff, that doesn't fly with me, I'm sorry. You can distort the facts all you want, I'm just being as objective as I can be, and I'm not gonna make excuses for a supposedly super awesome creature that can do it all, including flying jets, beating bears with his own hands and cooking better than your mother. No way!

So, next time you thank god for all the good stuff you have in your life, next time you feel blessed and grateful, think about the people who have worked harder than you, that are better people than you, but that have always had a shit life, and ask god to stop fucking with them.

ps. Do not pray for me, or I'll pray to Satan for you. Just kidding, sorta.

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