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Oct 25, 2012

I'm Tired Of Political Posts But...

I just need to give you my useless opinion, and this will be the last time you'll read this sort of post from me.

I can't vote, as I'm not a USA citizen yet, but I'm obviously more an Obama than a Romney person. I'm not going to say that Obama's administration has been perfect, but I get the impression that most of the people I know that are against Obama have been anti-Obama since day one, which makes any opinion they may have even more useless than mine. These people won't listen, they have trained themselves to kiss ass, but that's material for another blog that I won't be writing.

Anyway, this is what I gather from the little I've seen or read on the news:

1. People in favor of Romney believe he has some magical economic cure. I'm not sure if they've been following everything that has been said (and I can't say I've been following that closely either, but enough to figure shit out), but it's pretty fucking obvious that Romney is completely full of shit. It's not like he'll be elected and then find out he can't do the shit he's saying he's going to do, it's that we all know he can't do it, and unless you're some hillbilly in the middle of Kentucky, then you must be aware of this. I know nothing about the economy, almost as much as a hillbilly in the middle of Kentucky, but it pretty fucking obvious to me that cutting taxes for everyone and getting rid the dividends taxes can't be done. And the dude has the balls to say this is done to help the middle class when it's pretty damn obvious this is a move to help the rich get taxed less. Romney says he will get the money the country needs.... well, he doesn't say shit, because he doesn't fucking know, but it's a pretty good opportunity to go ahead and get rid of things like Planned Parenthood, PBS, Obamacare, and a few other strategic political things that add up to like 2% (sarcastic number) of the fucking budget. We all know Mitt can't do what he says he's going to do regarding economics, but all of you voting for him believe he has a magic solution (maybe helping those rich folks because it will trickle trickle trickle, right?), and in the mean time, why don't we go ahead an sabotage anything the democrats are trying to do. Blah, blah, blah. I'm not even going to talk about the 4% budget increase that lunatic wants for the military. If he's not just saying that only to gain the votes of the patriotic fools, then he's truly a lunatic. Really, I know nothing about economics, Romney might have a magic solution, but it's clear he's lying about what he's going to do and lying is not good.

2. So I may know shit about the economy, but I know about fucking human rights and about religious bigotry, and this is the point that to me tells me someone like Mitt is just the wrong person to take office. America may or may not be a Christian nation. There are certainly a lot of Christians here, but I'm almost sure America was conceived more as a nation where you were free to believe whatever the hell you want and not as a nation that only believes in one thing. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the reason all those Brits jumped in a boat and came over here. So, now that we're clear that we are free to believe in whatever the hell we want and that this is good, what it isn't good is to try to impose our religious beliefs upon others. What am I talking about? Gay rights and women rights. I know some of you believe in the Bible and Jesus and all that, and this is good. You guys live like good Christians and try to be good citizens and this is good. If you guys believe marriage, a real marriage can only be between a man and a women, that's great, you guys follow your beliefs and you might get rewarded later on by your God. But it is completely wrong to tell people who don't believe the same things what to do and how their marriage is sinful and shouldn't be allowed. Wrong wrong wrong, and shame on all of you who agree with this shit. Same goes with the right for women to choose. It doesn't matter you had an abortion and became miserable, or that you didn't have an abortion and were immensely happy, or what the Bible says, or what you believe, or what your doctor or certain scientists say, you had the right to choose whatever the fuck you thought was best for you, and you should let other women do the same regardless of what they choose. You think what they do is wrong? Then don't fucking do it. Freedom, that's what this nation is all about, freedom. Not freedom to impose our beliefs upon others, that's what the Brits were escaping from in the first place. You may pray for all of us sinners that choose a different path than yours, but please, don't give me that crap, do what you think is best for you and let others do what they think is best for them. End of discussion.

Now, I know some of you say they care about number 1 and that's why they don't mind number 2, and for you folks who think that way, shame on you. Seriously, this is a big fucking issue, we already have kids studying creationism as a valid theory, shame on you. If your vote is based on number 1 and you don't raise your voice to denounce number 2, then you're worse than the Jesus freaks.

That's it. I know this was terribly written, but that's fucking it.

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Cashley said...

Living in the US as a foreigner is like being an audience member in a satirical, avant-garde play where the audience is affected by the seemingly irrational and frequently insane decisions of the cast members. You sit there and watch this insane contraption, unable to change or even predict its course, and wait for the curtains to finally drop so that you can go home and take an Ativan.