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Jun 17, 2012

Our Destiny: Useless Thoughts On What Is Life

And now it's time for a really out-there useless thought... [Please play the following video now]

Have you ever thought about the possibility of something else, outside the realm of religions and fairy tales? Like a scientific something else, like... maybe there may not be a plan or a planner, but there is a very defined mind-blowing destination.

Confused? Let me explain before you start thinking I just got recruited by some New Age bullshit or crazy cult, I haven't. For example, life. Whether we get out of the mess we've created or not, life will still happen here and in many other places in the universe. It's not planned, but we know it will happen, just like evolution. If life develops long enough, then we'll probably see intelligence in other parts of the universe. This is not a plan, this is just the way it is. But have you thought about what really is it? We have also observed that once life happens, it takes over, or expands or occupies the whole place, and even facilitates the conditions for even more life to happen, including underground, atmosphere, soil, inside living organisms themselves, it's pretty much every-fucking-where, and it adapts, evolves, and changes and occupies even areas that couldn't contain life before. It's also self-sustaining (unless smart-asses like us come and fuck it up), the perfect recycling machine, or some kind of perpetual motion machine... This alone is pretty mind blowing if you think about it. With proper conditions for any type of life, it will take over, if there aren't any drastic changes to the environment that contains it. Everything becomes alive. Just add water...Boom.

It could just stop there. There may be life on several planets across the universe, cool, that's no big deal. But what if the destination was a more universal one, something like a living universe. What if intelligence was a mechanism to expand life beyond planets and galaxies? I can imagine everything interconnected by with organic astro-filaments or worm-pipes that bend the space-time so precisely that can transmit life, and thoughts, and ideas faster than the speed of light to every single corner of the universe. This would mean that someone at some point in the universe is just one fraction of a second away from any other point of the universe, or every point in the universe is also the rest of the universe. I'm not sure if are able to follow me, but that's OK, you get the idea. Or maybe not.

 But what is this living universe? Is it part of something else, a much bigger and mind-blowing thing? And what about consciousness? Is it just a tool that will be used to reach our destination, after which it won't be needed anymore, or does our destination has consciousness, and ours is only a infinitesimal fraction of it, like a preview, or a tiny mirror that bursts whenever evolution reaches certain level, and expands, feeds from itself, and it's part of a much bigger destination, a conscious destination. So, at the moment, the giant universe is still "sleeping", but pockets of life can be found here and there. Some pockets will survive, some won't, but life will eventually take over the whole thing. This, of course, will take an eternity, but it's supposed to speed up, quicker and quicker, so who knows? But the point is that life, which to me is just a very simple program or code imbedded in the universe, is it. This brings other problems that I won't talk about here, but that I'll probably waste some time thinking about, like the possibility or artificial intelligence and consciousness, the singularity, and such.

Bear in mind that I'm not talking about a creator who planned any of this, or something who decided to start playing the Sims, or a protector, or a spirit world, or heaven and hell, or something that knows who we are and thinks about us, or any of that crap. I guess you could mix it with some New Age BS about love and stuff, and come up with some sort of cult, one that prays to the universe, which I may try to do at another time because being a cult leader sounds exciting, but there's really nothing religious or mystical about any of this.

That's it. I've wasted many hours thinking about this, so I thought why not waste even more time and write a blog. All I need is for you to give me some well reasonable explanations about why this possibility (because this is just a possibility among many others) is totally flawed to really consider it a true waste of time in a completely useless thought. I mean, I know that the universe could just explode or implode or mysteriously vanish or whatever, taking life with it, and making life a very irrelevant phenomenon in isolated points in the universe, but aside from that, I think that my speculations are pretty cool. Much better than the bullshit other cult leaders gave, and people still believe in them, which is even more mind blowing than any of the stuff I talk about here.

You may play the video on top again now.

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