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Aug 1, 2011

Social Media Experts Have No Soul

When Twitter was the king of social sites you would hear complaints like "it has little content" and "most posts were useless". You would even hear that on the news with numbers and statistics. Who were complaining? The experts. The "social media experts". Fortunately for them, things have changed. Welcome to the social media expert hell! Where it's not about you, but about... the fastest and more effective way to build an audience to market a product to?

On Facebook, the window where you make a post says "what's on your mind? On Twitter, it used to say "what are you doing?", not it says "wasapening?". On G+ it says "share your thoughts". I don't really see anywhere written "bombard people with useless crap", but perhaps it's somewhere in there.

Are social media experts really supposed to post "useful or informative" links every fucking time? Is this really a good social media strategy? To post links that besides being mostly of interest to social media experts only, also come from the same sources all social media experts know? You see the same info re-posted or re-packaged over and over and over again, or maybe a little useless update on the same crap that's really not a shareable piece of information. Shit gets redundant and boring, ya know. I'm yet to hear a social media expert give a single fucking advice, but I've seen a million posts like this:

10 Tips to make your Facebook Fan Page blah blah blah [link].

5 Thing you should do to get blah blah blah [link].

7 Photos of celebrities pooping blah blah blah [link].           [This is the "comic relief" as suggested in the Social Media Expert manual]

If you have an obscure link to golden information that no one knows, yeah, please, I'd love that, but you are giving me mostly information I can easily find on Google if I chose to. Just share your thoughts on the subject, and if I'm interested, then I'll look for it. I'm much more interested in your thoughts than the quick link, seriously.

You can tell how lame social media experts are because when a celebrity or famous person dies, instead of sharing their thoughts and feelings, they do this:

Whatever Celebrity found dead at hotel room [link].

Do you really think you're doing me a favor by providing the link? You really think I'm that helpless?

Cheese & Fries! You guys are the reason Twitter sucks now.

There are other social sites besides Facebook, Twitter and G+ that are based around the concept of sharing good links, I'm sure you guys know about them and probably even post (via automatic instant re-posting site or app, probably) to those sites as well. I don't think Facebook, Twitter and G+ are supposed to be used like that. Imagine if everyone did that same shit you guys do? It would suck balls!

On top of everything, social media experts have never read anything their friends or the people they follow on Twitter post. They have 3000, 4000, 10000 friends but they have no clue who they are. They have an exclusive group/list/circle that includes a few people/accounts where they get most of their info, and a couple of personal friends, and these are the only people they will ever read. The rest? They don't give a shit, they only want to reach more people for professional gain. They are experts, sure.
Social media experts have no soul. Never have. Never will
All this, in my humble opinion, of course.

And remember I still love you!

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