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Jan 17, 2011

If This Is One Of The Top Stories Is Because We Should Care.

I just finished reading this article about a Twitter exchange between Kanye Wes, Britney Spears, and their fans:

Kanye West's 'Imma Let You Finish' Britney Tweets Divide Fans

My observations:

The mention of the Twitter post "Did u ever really think u could touch Britney in sales?. Go back 2 the dumpster u came from." by Andrew "thekingofpop" Quintal, is what made the article an amazing piece of music journalism. Andrew understands how important it is to sell 3 million copies instead of 4, and that music is just like any other sport, Number 1 wins, Number 2 is just the loser dumpster. Andrew, I know you must 14 and fabulous, and I'm sure the passion you show to defend such talented artist will bring you good things, like a good job, money, and stability.

The conclusion of the writer of the article  saying that "West is a media genius. He knew this joke would prompt such an outcry." couldn't be more right on. Yes, thanks to the in depth analysis of the events made on the article, we get to realize that this was not a high school fight, or adults acting like children, or an accidental slip of the tongue by an arrogant asshole, no, no, no, this is a media genius in action, and we should be aware of it, because it is important and relevant. I'm so glad that music experts, like the writer of this article, are always alert and ready to tell us all about these historical music incidents.

.................. OK, stop. Hammer time.

Who the fuck cares? Both suck and they get way more attention than they should. They should get married with each other, replace all their teeth with diamonds, have many kids and replace their hair with real gold filaments, then retire from music and star many reality TV shows.

I don't know why I'm writing about this shit, I guess it's not really about the "artists" involved or their exchange of words, but about the fact that so many people seem to care. The article could have been taken straight of the movie Idiocracy, and yet the amount of attention and debate it will create will be significant. Will there be a time when people won't let the media mind fuck them? Will they ever stop following and supporting the killers of good taste.

I need to go to bed.

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