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Mar 6, 2016

Maybe Donald Trump Isn't That Bad...


I was just reading one of the top links on Reddit's frontpage titled "Donald Trump A ‘Threat To Peace And Prosperity,’ German Vice Chancellor Says". As always, I was interested to read the comments section because these type of articles sometimes generate discussions that are a little more rational than the typical dreadful Facebook political threads, which are mostly huge one-sided circlejerks. Even when Reddit is not immune to horde-mentality behavior, I find it easier to get closer to the truth by reading Reddit's discussions, where articles with sensationalist and misleading titles get scrutinized and the arguments often come with informative sources. In fact, many times I choose to only read the comments section, and that's exactly what I did.

This is currently the top comment on that discussion:

commandersanta: A large part of America is completely fed up with our current political system.
The more the media pumps out how much everyone in the establishment hates Donald Trump, the louder his supporters cheer.
His current popularity is NOT a result of how much the American people love him.It is mandate from his supporters that if the discord and corruption currently happening in Washington does not stop - then Trump supporters are perfectly happy with breaking everything.
If the state of politics in America wasn't so bad, Trump's campaign would have never got off the ground.

I kinda agree with that comment for a few reasons, but I think it's irrelevant to this blog to explain why I don't completely agree, because the interesting part is the current top reply to that comment:

Saber193: Has she seen Ted Cruz? If Trump isn't the republican nominee, then Cruz will be, and he scares me a lot more than Trump does.

Edit: A lot of people are asking me what scares me so much about Cruz. This is a quick but not comprehensive list of his positions that I disagree with:

  • Doesn't understand what the debt limit is, but is totally in favor of destroying America's position in the economic world to oppose the raising of it.
  • In favor of a flat tax. I get that a flat tax can sound appealing at times, but the reality of it is that it is an extremely regressive tax doctrine.
  • Signed the Grover Norquist anti-tax pledge. I can get behind the idea of trying to keep taxes lower, but the anti-tax pledge isn't about that, Norquist's plan is literally for the government to collapse once there isn't enough money to fund it.
  • In favor of the TPP.
  • "adamantly opposed to a higher minimum wage." and in fact doesn't think that there should even be a minimum wage.
  • To say Cruz is against abortion is putting it lightly. He not only opposes abortion, but wants to eliminate Planned Parenthood, despite all of the good that it does for women.
  • Wants to privatize schools. In fact, he wants to close down the entire Department of Education.
  • Is the ringleader behind most of the government shutdown nonsense of the past few years.
  • Staunch opponnent of gay rights, going so far as to tell people that they should ignore Supreme Court decisions in favor of those rights.
  • Totally opposed to any kind of immigration reform.
  • Opposed to net neutrality.
  • Opposed to marijuana legalization.
  • Thinks climate change isn't a thing.
  • His views on the Middle East are just nonsense, claiming to not want to intervene, but at the same time wanting to carpet bomb terrorists and bring the fight to ISIS.
And above all, he's a religious fundamentalist who takes things so far that, like Trump, he's even been called out by the pope.
I really haven't been paying too much attention the the run for presidency, I haven't watched any of the debates, and I'm not an American citizen, so I can't vote. But I have to say I fully agree with that response.

These were the next 3 responses:

iAkhilleus: If it came down between Trump and Cruz for the POTUS, I would personally go door to door preaching about our savior Donald.

br4intrust: Cruz is a maniac... he wants to completely gut the social safety net and when the poor are starving, that's how you wind up with a revolution. 

OneDwigt: Showing up at a conference where the guy introducing Cruz talked about killing homosexuals doesn't register high on the sane meter either.
Edit: The video in case anyone would like to know what I'm referring to.

I think Donald Trump is a bit of a clown, in the sense that I think a lot of what he does is an act aimed to ruffle some feathers, but I'm not scared of him. I think a lot of people on the left are letting the media  influence their views way too much during these "click-bait times", which is evident to me every time I read a post comparing Trump with Hitler. I knew nothing about Ted Cruz, but if all the information from those comments is accurate, I'd be terrified of the possibility of him becoming the next American President. 

Now Trump doesn't sound like the worst case scenario anymore.

Clarification: I don't like to label myself as a Democrat or a Republican, I don't like to support parties, but rather, I choose to support the best proposals regardless of where they come from. That being said, if I had to label myself right now, I think I'd be on the left or far left. I tend to be a bit of a socialist, so if I could vote, I'd vote for Sanders.


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