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Dec 23, 2015

The Hate For Bono

I'm not a huge U2/Bono fan, but I own Achtung Baby, Pop and a few other U2 albums. I recognize that Bono sometimes seems a little bit of a megalomaniac and somewhat narcissistic, although, not to the degree most people see him. It's quite common to hear people criticizing Bono very harshly, like they are disgusted by what he does or even by his existence. This is particularly true when discussing any type of activism that he's been involved with. I've read all kinds of things, from people saying he should just stick to music to people wishing for his death. People's criticism of Bono is pretty rough, but in my opinion, a bit unfair.  

Like I said, I'm not a huge U2 fan, and while I do own some U2 albums, I rarely listen to them, not because they aren't good, but because there are many other things I'd rather listen to. That being said, if there's anyone who deserves the right of self-aggrandizement, I think that's Bono, among very few other living artists. He has an impressive portfolio that includes many historical and influential contributions to modern pop music, and U2 has managed to remain current after several decades and 13 studio albums. They are, in fact, one of the best selling artists of all time. I can't think of too many artists that have achieved as much as they have. Bono could be a whole lot more pretentious, self-obsessed, and selfish, but he seems to be rather nice, just a bit vain, in my opinion. 

And you also have to give it to their live shows. People have always told me that I had to check U2 live, and they were right. I wasn't lucky enough to catch them during Pop or Achtung Baby, but I saw them during the Elevation Tour, and that remains the 2nd best show I've ever seen in my life. They blew me away, and Bono is definitely a great performer. I almost cried during that show and I'm actually very ignorant about their music. Unforgettable Fire? I don't even know what songs are on that album. Maybe I was going through a bad time in my life during the Elevation Tour, I don't remember, but still.

Does Bono want to achieve grandiosity through his activism? Maybe he does. Does that mean he really doesn't care about the issues he's involved with? I'm not sure, I don't get that impression, but the right answer is that I don't really know. Does it matter? What if he's just an egomaniac who wants to help a lot of people with his money and influence in exchange for a place next to other great men and women in history? That's cool with me, so fucking what?

I don't care much about what he does, and I haven't listened to any of the music he's made in the 2000s, and the little I've heard hasn't been my cup of tea, it wasn't memorable at all. Lots of people criticize him and say he should shut up and stop getting involved in political issues. A lot of people really dislike him. I can kinda understand why, but I think you'll always have haters no matter what you do. I don't share this hate for Bono, though, he just seems like a nice dude who had a dream that came true and now he likes to look himself in the mirror and say "you rock!". And like him or not, he's probably right.

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