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May 1, 2016

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Been trying to not post about things I dislike, but... I got to say this about a certain "artist" that came out of Houston, and her new "refreshing" album... 

I admit, I have not listened to it. It may be a great album, and there's nothing wrong with liking it...

But let's get real, our "artist" is not really an artist. She's a performer, and not just a performer, but one who probably has very little room to add her personal touch to the compositions she performs. 

She's told what to sing, how to sing it, how to look, what to dress, how to dance, what to dance, and even what to say during her performances, so that she keeps her audience entertained. 

There are teams of people designing her stage, programing her lights, and writing and producing her music. There are people who study social behavior that have developed guidelines to follow to maximize the impact of popular music icons. There's very little that's not part of a script. And it works well.

Her music doesn't come from a deep part of her soul, but rather, it was carefully designed by professionals to give that impression so her audience can relate to it. Each song was handpicked from several other similar pieces. The purpose wasn't to express feelings, but to sell. 

She is attractive, and she is talented, but the truth is that with that impressive team of even more talented and experienced people behind her, many others could develop the very same performing talents that she has. She is unique, because no one else will be her, but she's also replaceable. She's not that special.

Part of her job is to be an idol, and you are free to praise her and idolize her as much as you want. That is OK, if you enjoy what she does, if she entertains you and makes you happy, then love her. I love the things that bring me joy as well. 

I'm not trying to say that she doesn't deserve any credit, she totally does, because she does well what she does. She makes tons of money, and props to her for being so successful, and I wish I could even be one tenth as successful as she is. 

But she's not an artist, and she will never be one. She's only the face of a commercial product.