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Mar 21, 2015

Holy smokes! How come no one is talking about this human failure?

I know that one article and one doctor's opinion doesn't mean that much for this controversial issue, but I think we need to start coming out of our denial cocoon and start accepting that despite its bad rep, marihuana may not be that bad after all. I'm referring to this article in which a doctor explains not only why marihuana is not that bad, but how alcohol is many times worse. I know that this is a subject that could be debated, but seriously, I think even if there was not clear data, the fact that it can be debated should be huge. Can you see it now?

The entire world has been manipulated into believing that smoking weed is so bad that it should be illegal. We have been looking down on pot smokers, we have been calling them drug addicts and scum, we have been injecting fear into society towards weed and its consumers, we have been condemning them to the bottom of society for decades. We have been using our money in a War Against Drugs to send millions of people to jail and to get rid of this "evil plant", to produce TV ad campaigns and misinform the kids, to brainwash and penalize the world, WHILE CONSUMING, APPROVING, ENCOURAGING, AND CELEBRATING A DRUG THAT'S MUCH WORSE! A SUBSTANCE THAT KILLS MORE PEOPLE, THAT'S A KNOWN CARCINOGENIC, THAT MAKES PEOPLE IMPAIRED AND VIOLENT, THAT'S ASSOCIATED WITH CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR, THAT AFFECTS NEGATIVELY YOUR HEALTH IN MANY MORE WAYS, AND THAT HAS A HIGHER RISK FOR ADDICTION.

Not that this is really a brand new revelation to some of us...

I have always seen the legalization of marihuana as a sign the world open mindness, but it's clear it's more about the recognition of a mistake than the evolution of society's mindset. Worst of it all, even when we're finally accepting the truth, we are still doing what was described in the previous paragraph, all of it! There are people losing their jobs for smoking weed, right now, yet, there are parents drinking alcoholic beverages with their teenage kids (in most countries in the world). How many more lives do we need to destroy?

How come the world entirely decided to accept this without researching further? How come there has been so little resistance to an issue that has literally affected millions and millions of people on both, the weed and the alcohol sides? Millions and millions of lives ruined because of a misconception, because we need to show who's in power. This is not only the polititians' doing, this is also the people, the religions, the education system, and even the scientists.

It makes me think about the law, because at this very moment, the law regarding marihuana is immoral, so why we should be follow it? Are we supposed to follow arbitrary laws when they are harmful to us and this is known?

I'm not even a pot smoker, and I think this should be a big deal.

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