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Feb 15, 2015

Women On Dating Sites

I met someone from Tinder the other night. You may call it a Tinder date if you want, although, the concept of dating is a weird one to me, but that's something for another blog. Anyway, she was telling me that everyone knows that guys always swipe right (that means that they always "like" most girls that Tinder shows them) and I told her that I mainly get on Tinder to collect pictures of women with guns and exotic animals (I know, wtf, right? But that's material for yet another blog), but that I almost always swipe left. I also mentioned that I've accumulated some 20 plus matches and that almost none of them talk, or respond to my messages, and that's why at this point Tinder has become some sort of a joke to me.

Then she said that she only responds if the guy says something original on their first message... So I asked "so you swiped right because you kinda like the guy and if he just says "hello" or "hi there", you are not going to talk to him"? She said "that's correct".

I was not surprised, in fact, I already knew this, but it still bothers me. I don't remember what was the awesome message that I sent her, but depending on my mood, I could have sent a simple "hello" or even worse, a "high-5" (which I think is a pretty cool first message, stop looking at me like that). I know that there have been dozens of girls (I'm counting OKC messages here too) that I could probably get along with really well, at least at a friends level, who felt they were too cool for my first message to bother with me. Now, take in mind that it's not just the unoriginal one liners, but it could be a message that's too original, or one with too many questions, or with not enough questions, or not funny enough, or too long, or anything. The point is that there are lots of women who choose to close the door to someone who may be exactly what they are looking for, just because they were not moved by their first message.

I understand that they are flooded with options and opportunities to value the ones they choose to miss, but I still think it's not in their best interest, and it makes me feel like some sort of toy or pastime (sniff sniff). And that's why I don't really give a fuck anymore and instead of thinking about something clever to say, I'm sending one-liners most of the time, because it doesn't matter what you write, it's always going to be a lottery. If they are cool and rational, they'll talk to me, if they suck, they won't. I ain't playing games, too tired for that shit.

Note: while I can't experience first hand what girls on dating sites experience, I do know that the behavior of way too many dudes on dating sites is beyond questionable, more like gross and disrespectful and plain wrong. I'm completely aware of that as well, and I think it may justify partly how women behave on dating sites, however, I don't think that has anything to do with what I'm talking about on this blog.

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