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Jul 11, 2012

Some Ecards Are Funny.

Just like pretty much everyone else, I have enjoyed and shared a few of the many pictures with clever text/captions that found on the internet. You know, someecards and meme-style pictures, like that picture of a cat with a slice of bread around its neck that reads "Inbread Cat". Some of them are truly funny, I admit. However, and perhaps this observation is my personal point of view, it seems to me that this funny-picture-sharing trend is getting a little out of control.

As time goes by I've been witnessing how my Facebook timeline evolves into the Picture With Clever Captions Board From Hell. Every fucking day I see more and more of them, some of them re-shared several times by different people from one of those really popular Facebook pages dedicated to this funny pictures. There are people who only post memes and funny pictures with their correspondent lol's, and I know their intentions are good. They are not trying to annoy anyone, they just want to share with their friends all these wonderful funny pictures that made them smile... 52 thousand times a day. Yes, I know I can unsubscribe from their pictures post, but what if they post pictures of their wedding and I don't see them because I unsubscribed, so don't get to Like it, and this gives them the impression that I'm a heartless asshole? Well, fuck it, I unsubscribe anyways, I don't want to spend my time online scrolling through hundreds of pictures they found in one of those popular funny picture sites online. I emphasize the word "popular" because I'm guessing people think they are either the only ones who knows about them or the only ones who actually make the effort to re-post these pictures. But it really doesn't make a difference unsubscribing from 10 people when the rest of your hundreds of friends share at least one of these funny pictures a day.

It's starting to get really fucking boring, don't you think? But fear not, my dear two or three readers, for I have created the one funny picture to kill all the rest, the one eCard that when delivered to your friends will trigger introspection that will evolve into awareness. Awareness of the damage we have been doing to the personality and originality of our internet. Your friends will finally wake up from the hypnotic slumber these evil thought-replacing funny pictures have put them under!

Probably not...

Most likely, what will happen is that this will become just another picture with semi-clever/funny captions that 30 people or less (probably close to 5) will see, and it will be discarded right away. But hey, at least I can say I tried, and I've even included a cat in the picture for additional effectiveness. Even if I fail I can now look back and feel at peace with myself.

So here it is, please take it and use it in whatever way you need to.


Unknown said...

Happy to be one of your readers

CE54R said...

What??? So now I have 3 or 4 readers! ?That rules! Thanks, LillA! So, do I know you in real life, or are you my Facebook friend and don't recognize you, or you just found me randomly? Are you in Houston? How did you find this blog post (for some really this and the "update" are getting a few more hits than the other posts. I wish I wrote more, I enjoy it, even if not many people read what I write, but I love organizing my ideas and writing down my thoughts. I know not all of them are gold, but I think something good could eventually come out. But I enjoy it even if nothing ever comes out. Sometimes my Facebook posts are mini-blogs, I guess. Anyway, I hope to write more useless things more often in the near future, but feel welcome to add me on Facebook if you want.

Flora Isadora said...

I like your Lameecard.

Botanical Wonders said...

i really enjoyed this website.Funny pics