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Oct 18, 2015

Demand Legal Cocaine Now!

They killed Pablo Escobar, caught Carlos Lehder, sent the army to remove Noriega from Panama, imprisoned and killed a million narcs, sprayed the coca plantations fields, fought a war with the guerrilla in Colombia, tightened security at the border, filled the coast with guards on boats, spent billions (or trillions) in intelligence, weapons and personnel, yet the price of cocaine today is about 1/6th of what it was in 1983. This is despite all the tons of coke they intercept and the steady demand. This could be for a few reasons, but the most obvious is that every year more drugs get smuggled than the previous year. 

Think about it, if they can't even stop drugs from making their way into maximum security prisons, they are dreaming if they think they can stop the illicit drug trade, or even control it in any way that has positive practical results. So what if they capture El Chapo Guzman? What is that gonna do? Are we going to celebrate that more drugs will reach the streets of America at more affordable prices? Or that the violence the War On Drugs generates is good business for the weapons and body bags manufacturers? Or that we'll continue throwing down the toilet billions of dollars (most of which may even have traces of cocaine on them) in a really bad idea someone had long ago? Get the champagne ready for when they catch El Chapo, because we're gonna have a party!

I'm trying to think who benefits from this... maybe a couple of sheltered white kids somewhere in the middle of America, who will never cross paths with an evil coke dealer? Thank god! A trillion dollars, a thousand prisons, and a million graves, but knowing the souls of those kids will remain pure is well worth it!

I'm pretty sure most of humanity can see the insanity. Someone please tell the politicians in Washington they can stop pretending this makes sense. Saying drugs should be legal doesn't make you evil, a sinner, impure, a bad parent, a hippy, or irresponsible. It's what a good person would say. Start demanding legal cocaine.

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