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May 29, 2015

Sometimes The World Saddens Me


Sometimes the world saddens me. Everyone worships money and they don't mind doing something that's clearly wrong as long as it pays the bills. "I'm just doing my job" has become the license to be assholes, whether we enjoy it or feel like we don't have a choice.

We have unfair laws that destroy lives, and we know this but all we do is vote and wait for a long time until it finally clicks, "oh shit, we're been acting like scumbags all this time". Slavery, segregation, women's rights, gay rights, and more recently, the war on drugs, and climate change.

We care about politicians that don't care about us, we are more worried about something being from the right or the left, than whether it's good or bad for us. Our minds have been hijacked and manipulated, we stopped thinking for ourselves long ago. Yet everyone believes they are in the right, they are the good ones, the nice ones, the fair one, it's the other group the ones who have been brainwashed. How can anyone deny climate change with a straight face if they have not been brainwashed? How can we send people to rot in prison for providing a safer alternative than alcohol and be OK with it, just because they were breaking the law, how did we get to this state of conformism?

Is it really a democracy when it's so easy to play with people's minds? Are we good people just because we are just doing our jobs and we obey the laws? No, we are not. If we could flush all the garbage we have in our minds, if that could only be possible, we would be capable of making immediate changes. There's no government or army that could stop 350 million people saying together "that's enough!".

Today another hero has fallen, someone I cannot name, someone you probably have never heard of, someone you probably don't care about. But his sacrifice was not in vain because his revolution is unstoppable. I just hope that we are able to change quickly enough to recognize this injustice before it's too late.

This is dedicated to you, captain.

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