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Jan 3, 2014

How Democracy In America Is An Illusion

Useless Political Thought Of The Day.

Imagine is the US decided to split into 2 independent countries in such way that land, wealth and means of productions were divided equally, and a peace treaty promising no wars or invasions between them. The two countries would be Democrat US and Republican US, two countries full of happy people that are being ruled exactly how they want to be ruled.

Each half is certain that they will prosper while the other half will probably be driven to its ruin, economic chaos, moral crisis, etc, but it's their own fault because they have chosen to do EVERYTHING WRONG. Just like we observe nowadays, both sides disagree in pretty much everything. Fox News and MSNBC are news agencies dedicated to ridicule the neighbor country and all their political and economical decisions, so they would still be important and influential at the time of making democratic decisions.

I cannot predict what would happen to each half, who would prosper and who would struggle, but if I check my crystal balls and look into that future, I think I see a situation in which neither side gets completely ruined. They'd both remain part of the developed 1st world countries, but one side would advanced much quicker than the other, and the other may go through some struggle but nothing they had not lived through or overcome in the past. I don't think the resulting contrast would be that pronounced from the global point of view, but significant enough for the time I'm spending  writing these words not to be a complete waste (don't fucking laugh).

Can you see how this imaginary situation unveils the irrational state of affairs of the current America? Can you see how the total polarization of the mindset of the American population is artificial and perhaps carefully crafted? Even if it was just accidental, it was the product of marketing schemes, that include what's commonly called "playing politics", and media manipulation. I don't think that the situation we live in could occur without taking control over the minds of pretty much everyone here. 

And you may say "ah yes, all those people with weak minds who cannot see beyond the media, who believe everything they hear on TV or read on the internet, they can't think for themselves. But not me, I'm awake and aware, my mind is not controlled", and then proceed to disagree 100% with the other side. You, my friend, you are the problem. 

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