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Oct 16, 2013

Best Social Media Advice When Posting. No, Really!

I'm going to skip the bullshit and go straight to the point...

If you are an artist, don't make all your posts about art, or even worse, about your art.

If you are a social media specialist, don't only post articles or updates related to social media.

If you're a filmmaker, don't post film related crap only, especially if it's your own crap.

If you're a musician, don't make every single post an advertizement for your band or music.

If you're an entrepreneur, don't only post inspiring stories of people who persevered and made it.

If you're a model, don't bombard your followers with your modelling pictures. Unless you show your tits, in which case, post away!

 If you're a photographer, don't just post super amazing and beautiful photographs, it gets boring very quickly. 

If you're a Jesus freak, don't post Bible quotes or your opinion about how awesome God is every time you write a status update. 

If you love love love all the wonderful Facebook Pages that (re)post funny/clever pictures, don't just re-share those funny pictures. I know you want to show your friends, but trust me, most people don't care or have already seen those pictures, they are viral, so they are everywhere.

And I could go on and on.

Get the picture? 

What you're doing doesn't really show your expertise in a certain area or whatever you're trying to show, what you're doing is making yourself a one dimensional person, a boring one-dimensional person. Is that the way you are in real life? Probably not.

Just be yourself and relax, don't force the content. Instead talk about what you're thinking. It's way more interesting that way.

One thing I've learned about social media is that if people become interested in who you are, if they are engaged by you, they will eventually become interested in what you do, which is what you're trying to achieve. 

So there, that's what I have to say, but it's up to you to follow my advice or ignore it. Do as you will.

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