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Feb 2, 2010


It's really hard to believe that we are well into the 2000's and have advanced so much technologically and scientifically, especially during the past 100 years, yet there are still groups of people who not only can't accept something as basic as evolution, but who want to push down our throats their silly beliefs. I wonder sometimes how these people just accept what they've been told, no matter how ridiculous it is.

I'm not a biologist or an expert in the matter, in fact, what I know about evolution is pretty basic, but I think there's a way to explain evolution without any scientific terminology or complicated interpretation of data.  I think that even a first grader will understand this explanation. Are you ready? Alrighty, hold my hand:

We have primitive specie A. There's a lot about A, but right now we'll just concentrate in the fact that some A's have longer legs than others, cool? So A lives in A-Land and they are all happy and stuff. One day, specie B decides to move into A-Land. There's enough space for everyone, however B loves eating A, so they start chasing and hunting them down. Since A is a weaker specie all they can do to defend themselves is run. For obvious reason, the A's with longer legs run faster, therefore, more longer-legs-A's are able to escape the attacks of the B's. After a while, there are many more longer-legs-A's than shorter-legs-A's, so more longer legs A's couples are made, which results in more longer-legs being born. After some time specie B has eaten almost all shorter-legs-A's and more long-leg's-A's are born, so now B must star hunting some of the longer-legs-A's, so only the fastest ones survive. Eventually, only the very-long-legs-A's will remain, and A's will only have very long legs. Ta daa! Specie A has evolved.

See? There was no magic, not strange mutation that happened out of the blue, nothing weird, just a change induced by the environment that makes total sense. We don't need Darwin to come back from the dead and explain it to us.

If I want to get more hardcore evidence and data, I can just go to the library or ask the holder of all knowledge, Google, and I will find be tons of stuff. There's so much evidence that if you still can't accept it, you should ask yourself if there's something wrong with you. But there's still a problem, because the best argument the Fundies have against evolution starts with "the Bible says". After they say that you know there's no point in discussing anything. Sometimes I just pretend I agree, but it's frustrating.

What bothers me the most is that the Christians who reject evolution only represent an insignificant percentage of Christianity. To them all the other Christians, including the oldest and biggest Christian groups, like the Catholics, are wrong. The people, who have studied their scriptures for thousands of years are wrong. They must all be a bunch of un-evolved monkeys, eh? "Well, but the Catholics are fucked, look what they've done". My friend, you give any man or institution that much power for that long and sooner or later really fucked up things will happen, I can guarantee you that. But don't get me wrong, if it was up to me, I'd get rid of most organized religions. I think they always turn dangerous even when they have the best intentions.

Now, having this minority of brainwashed robots that wants to believe in crap is one thing, but the fact that they have enough power to force Creationism into the education system in some states in the US is unforgivable. I'm sorry politics and I'm sorry Democracy ( or Democrazy, in this case), but spreading ignorance to the most vulnerable part of our population should be considered a crime. And if there's really a god and a hell and all that, then these people probably go straight to hell, because I'm sure their god thinks that filling children's minds with stupidity is a serious offense. It's a terrible thing what they are trying to do or, sadly, doing.

Believe in anything you want, Christianity is certainly mild compared to other way crazier and even laughable religions and cults, but be responsible with what you believe. Think rationally and don't be afraid to question your own beliefs.

If you don't think that there's at least a small chance everything you believe in or think is wrong, you're probably already wrong.


ps. I hope you two or three people that read my awesome blogs have enjoyed my useless thought of the day. And if you're a Christian Fundamentalist, forgive me.


Anonymous said...

I see your point, and I agree that evolution is a valid and widely accepted scientific theory. I think it should be taught in schools as such. My only suggestion is that you don't let certain crazies represent Christianity. They don't. And you are right that these types of people are a minority in that I've never known a Christian that disagreed with evolution. Evolution in no way disproves the existence of God, so I share your frustration. It's the same frustration I get when people bomb abortion clinics and whatnot. But you implied that you think Christianity is crazy? I don't really see what's so crazy about it, though I will admit my bias since I am a Christian. I'd love to discuss

CE54R said...

Well, I was raised Catholic, so nothing from Christianity seems crazy to me. But if you think about the mystical aspect of it, like demons, and the purgatory, and the sea opening in two, and god giving some stones to Moses in a mountain, and many many other things, it started to sound like a good fictional story. Christians in general are not "crazy", and most of my family, and some friends are Christians and are not crazy. Perhaps I didn't use the right term, maybe I should have said "fantastical"?

Anonymous said...

I mean, I kinda knew what you meant and it fit with the whole theme of the article (nice job, btw). I was just curious what you thought about it all. And I was totally going to "convert" you. :)

CE54R said...

I was going to write a response, but it got so long that I will just use it for the material of my next blog! Haha.